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My love for nature and call for outdoors made me take a break from my career after working for a few years in IT sales.

I went on to pursue mountaineering courses, trekked,  and traveled for five years. 

Travelling places, climbing mountains, interacting with people and listening to their stories has been a transforming and humbling experience.

The experiences, observations and learnings I gathered through inquiry during my travels gave birth to my company  OLLIT a travel & outdoor company. 

I curated and customized leisure, cultural, educational and adventure tours and designed outdoor programs to bring out learning experiences through nature for corporate and individuals.

After working with corporate groups for over two years on outdoor education, I decided to also work with children and introduce them to nature and help them develop a sense of belonging and nurture their bond with nature, while introducing a learning pattern within the education system where children of all age groups are connected to their immediate and extended environment. This would also help them build a stronger relationship within the community to acknowledge and accept each other by allowing others to grow along and grow into their surroundings.


- Nandini Raju


The organization was formed in 2015. We are based out of Bangalore . We organize :


Education Tours : We partner with schools to curate experiential education tours. We also work on environmental education/nature connection programs for students from K- 12.


Outdoor education : We execute adventure programs in Western Ghats and in Himalayas for student and corporate groups. we use outdoor activities like trekking, biking (cycle) rock climbing etc.. as a tool to bring out learning experiences. The learning experiences are followed by reflection program where participants develop a thought process to examine their experiences and learn how they can be applied in day-to-day living.


Travel : We curate travel programs on Indian culture, heritage, art and architecture blending history and culture. the trips are conducted in association with archaeologists,art historians and local people who hold immense knowledge in the subject and region.

We also love to customize tours on different themes and topics based on the interest of the individual/individual group/ institution

Adventure : We specialize in planning and executing hikes in Western ghats, Sahyadris and in Himalayan ranges. We design adventure itineraries based on the interest and level of experience participants hold.

We also offer:


Bike (Bicycle Rides)


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