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Sheperd Trails 

The nomads of India wander strategically from one pasture to another round the year breeding their cattle and chasing the seasons. Their lives revolves around finding food for their cattle.


The lives of shepherds or gujjar/gaddi as they are called in the local language are self-sustained by selling woolen, caps, shawls, sweaters woven by them using sheep/yak wool. They also trade their flock for food and money.


Walk with us in the path of shepherd tribes as they move along with their herds to experience wide range of terrains through the scenic trail of glaciers, dry mountains, untouched forests, streams, pristine lakes and quaint villages - frozen in time.

Explore cultural diversity, learn indigenous knowledge of herding, seasons, geography, communities and life from the wise men, woman and children of nature.


Locations for the experience 


Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand,Ladakh & Kutch

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