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Lifes of Elephants

Life of elephants is an experiential education and sensitization program. During this program we will travel to carefully chosen sites which will add to the intended experiences of the program. We will hold interactive sessions with archaeologists, farmers, forest officials, temple management, mahout and ecologist

to explore different facets of the majestic animal and weave into the deep rooted connection of the animal in history, mythology, culture and ecology in India.


Through this program we aim to inquire 


Difference between wild and captivated elephant·        

Conflict between elephants and humans        

Relationship of mahouts and elephants

How they navigate and communicate

Cultural, Mythological and historical connections of the elephants in India

How elephants bond in their community


The program will provide a beautiful platform for students/groups/ individuals o observe,interact and inquire about elephants life's and arrive at their own learnings. Learnings will be shared as a group by the end of the tour

We will also request the participants to the collect the data during the tour and present it in form 

videos clips, photographs, drawings and paintings to express their learnings


This will help them recollect the experience,retain the connection they have built and also pass on their learnings to fellow beings in the family and friends circle and most importantly "be the voice for the Elephants who cannot speak for themselves."

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